Legacy Restoration & Construction was established in 2010. After 11 years of working for a prominent historical roofing restoration company, a Columbus-based roofing company, Mr. Decker took his skills and experience and put them to work for himself.

As the winner of the 2005 National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) MVP Award, Mr. Decker wanted to hire and develop his own team of 5-star employees who shared his commitment to quality and professionalism. Some of these experts have been with him since the birth of Legacy Restoration & Construction, and they collectively have nearly 70 years of experience in roofing, gutters, and architectural sheet metal fabrication and installation.

As with any burgeoning enterprise, your reputation will make or break you. Legacy has already established a reputation for top-quality work that is performed in a timely manner and within budget. Legacy specializes and prides themselves in the expertise of traditional roofing application. Slate, tile, and wood shake roofing, as well as architectural sheet metal fabrication and installation. Legacy  has performed work on notable structures, such as the Pentagon, Ohio Governor’ s Residence, CERJAS building at Purdue University, Saint James Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge, Peterson Residence in Cockeysville Maryland, The Jefferson Rotunda at the University of Virginia, Saint Dominic Roman Catholic Church in Columbus Ohio, Williams County Court House in Ohio, and numerous other Religious, Educational, Government structures, and historical residences. Here at Legacy, we pride ourselves in the age-old  motto: ‘We do good work here; at a profit  if we can, a loss if we must,  but always good work.”

The Team

Jeremy Decker, 2005 NRCA MVP Award Winner, 2009 CBX Award Nominee. 17 years of experience, including 6 years as Lead Foreman, 7 years as Special Projects Foreman, 2 years as Quality Control and Trainer, and almost 8 years as Legacy ‘ s owner.

Shawn Swain, Sheet Metal and Carpentry expert with 20 years of experience, including 5 years as a Project Manager.

Richard Cly, Our Slate and Tile expert with 16 years of experience in new slate and tile roof installation.

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